Guest Column | July 7, 2014

5 Keys To Increasing MSP Sales Part 2: Sell "Your Company Way"

Gary Pica, President and Founder of TruMethods LLC

By Gary Pica, President and Founder, TruMethods LLC

Gary Pica, President and Founder of TruMethods LLC

In the last article, I said you should forgo selling technology and instead talk about solving business issues.

Let’s do a thought experiment: if a customer told you that they wanted the best possible IT support available and that money was no object what would you do?  What people, process, and technology would you deploy to achieve the best possible results?

5 Keys To MSP Sales #2 — Sell “Your Company Way”

The answer to this question should be the basis for your managed services support offering. Your support offering or offerings should deliver “Your Company Way.” This is the unique approach and perspective you have developed based on your years of experience.

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