Case Study

Keeping The City Of Dallas Secure With MobileAsset

Source: Wasp Barcode Technologies

For years, the Department of Intergovernmental Services used a decentralized approach to tracking assets. Each unit receiving equipment was responsible for maintaining asset records, maintenance records, and tracking which employees had checked items in and out. However, when it was time to do grant-required inventory checks every two years, the manual process proved to be less than ideal.

"Every two years, each unit was required to inventory all their grant-funded items and send them to us, so we could compile asset reports. We found that we were spending more time trying to fill in the gaps to make sure all equipment had been inventoried than actually analyzing the reports," said Dina Colarossi, Fund Analyst for Dallas' Department of Intergovernmental Services. The issue was magnified during yearly audits. Each unit had to compile reports as quickly as possible, but due to the inefficient system, the process could take over two weeks. After several time-intensive audits, the Department of Intergovernmental Services determined it was necessary to upgrade to an automated asset tracking system.