Kaseya: RMM Product Review

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Does the RMM vendor have a NOC?
Yes. The NOC is available for an extra monthly fee. An MSP can off-load some monitoring and patch management to Kaseya. NOC support is proactive and includes work stations and servers, patch management, and ping tests. The cost is per month per server; there is a small additional cost to add AV management, patch management, and Pingcheck.

Agent vs. Agentless
Kaseya uses agents for remote monitoring and management. It has agents available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It can also manage Unix machines via SSH (no agent). The agent runs a hardware/software audit as soon as installed. The software audit includes license keys. It can report in HTML, Excel, and PDF formats and supports custom audit fields (e.g. building, room #, etc.).  The agent must be installed on at least one machine. It can then be deployed remotely through the Kaseya console (LAN discovery).

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