News | February 3, 2011

Kaseya Offers Security, Network Management And Business Continuity Software Tools

Kaseya, the leading global provider of automated IT systems management software, recently announced a new set of software tools that helps corporations secure, manage, and protect corporate networks. These new tools integrate with the robust Kaseya framework to provide IT department and service provider customers with tighter security, better network management and additional data backup options.

Available through cloud or on-premises delivery, the new modules include anti-virus, anti-malware, network discovery, network monitoring, online back-up, and Kaseya back-up. These modules equip IT administrators to better protect against network attacks, find and manage endpoints more quickly within their networks and plan for all types of data recovery.

"The latest software tools from Kaseya are helping to provide enhanced value-added services to our clients, while ensuring that their critical IT systems are running optimally for their business," said David M. Bourgeois, president of My IT, which serves a variety of clients across diverse industries throughout the Gulf South area of the United States.

Customers today require greater visibility into their network in order to better manage all the computers and devices coming online daily. With the company's new network discovery and network monitoring, administrators view all the details of their network through a single integrated management console.

"With the delivery of these new software tools, Kaseya gives everybody the ability - from small business to enterprise customers - to more closely align IT with business goals of their corporation," said Bob Davis, chief marketing officer at Kaseya. "By delivering both cloud and on-premises solutions, our customers are gaining new functionality and delivery options that suit their individual needs."

Additionally, the company is delivering an updated version of the Kaseya 2 framework that offers greater scalability for distributed networks with the ability to support up to tens of thousands from a single Kaseya Server. Available today, IT professionals can use enhancements that include: time tracking, patch management, audit, reporting and live connect to streamline business efficiencies. Moreover, the framework delivers a new Linux agent, Mac Agent and APIs for broader network management. The Kaseya 2 platform with the new software modules can be easily and efficiently managed thorough a web-based GUI management console.

"We have plans to increase our managed network by 300 percent this year," said John Lehman, service manager, 3M Track and Trace Solutions. "The new Kaseya software modules and updated framework will help us achieve our 2011 goals for growth."

More software module information

Kaseya Antivirus (KAV) for Windows workstations is powered by Kaspersky Labs anti-virus engine and provides complete and centralized protection on networks and beyond from potentially dangerous programs and network attacks.

Kaseya Anti-malware (KAM) is powered by Malwarebytes and is an easy-to-use, simple, and effective anti-malware application with complete integration into the Kaseya framework. KAM utilizes a number of new technologies that are designed to quickly detect, destroy, and prevent malware while leveraging the automation capabilities of the Kaseya IT systems management framework

Kaseya Network Discovery (KND) finds all Internet Protocol (IP) based devices connected and interconnected to the network(s) and provides for automated agent deployment for instant management of Windows, Mac and Linux devices.

Kaseya Network Monitoring (KNM) utilizes SNMP to provide a graphical view of CPU, RAM, disk and network interface data.

Kaseya Online Backup (KOB) provides a multi-platform (Windows and Mac OS X) and cloud-based folder and file backup service based on incremental and point in time changes.

Kaseya Backup protects full disk images as well as selected files to local data stores. It includes off-site data replication supporting rapid disaster recovery.

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Kaseya serves a global customer base of more than 10,500 on-premise and cloud customers with millions of agents deployed, including Windows PCs, Linux servers and Mac notebooks.

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