Brochure | November 17, 2009

Brochure: K610 Outdoor Petroleum Kiosk

The Radiant K610 Outdoor Petroleum Kiosk possesses extended temperature range components and environmental controls to endure temperature extremes of -22° F to 113° F with direct exposure to sun, rain, snow, and all other outdoor weather conditions permissible. This kiosk utilizes a new 15" sunlight readable LCD display with the latest in outdoor touch screen technology, and the increased size offers a 56% increase in display surface area versus 12" displays. The computer contained within the kiosk employs high performance and highly efficient Intel processors, but with lower power consumption thereby yielding a more reliable design. The outdoor petroleum kiosk also uses Intel's Centrino™ Mobile Technology, which combines an Intel based low power processor, 855 chipset, and optional PRO/Wireless card. In addition, the terminal is based on Intel's EmbeddedATX standard motherboard form factor to maintain an open and upgradeable platform. All of the major components within the Radiant K610 are serviceable / replaceable without the need for tools, resulting in a completely toolless return to service in the event of component issues.

The new modular design enables the unit to be configured for easy mounting while providing a variety of peripheral device upgrade options. The wall mount configuration can be placed on a wall, column, pillar, or pole. In the petroleum store environment, the kiosk allows for food and merchandise selection from a location outside of the typical "store" and thereby increasing the overall speed of service for the customer. The robustness of the design enables the kiosk to be placed virtually anywhere at a PCS site, thereby offering maximum flexibility for placement in high customer traffic areas.

The new modular design also accommodates a variety of peripheral options specific to petroleum and convenience store requirements. The kiosk includes the sunlight readable display with integrated touch screen, a 3 ¼" receipt printer that can be configured for 40 column width, and two speakers (stereo). The additional options available are detailed in the Optional Features section.