News | June 10, 2013

J2 launches ‘Revolutionary' POS – The New J2 625 Touchscreen Computer


Specialist manufacturer of PC-based touchscreens and point-of-sale hardware to retail, hospitality and leisure, J2 Retail Systems, Inc. has launched a new integrated touchscreen computer. The company believes its J2 625 represents a generational shift in POS technology, resulting in exceptional reliability, reduced power consumption and extended product life.

Vice President Kurt Ericson explains: “Collaboration with customers is central to our design strategy. Our policy of component standardization enables J2 to extend product life and keep reducing cost of ownership. The new J2 625 is the culmination of cutting-edge POS innovation.”

The fanless J2 625 is powered by the energy-efficient Intel Dual core 1.86GHz D2550 Cedarview processor, known for delivering higher speed while consuming less power. This latest chipset is part of the Intel embedded road map and is available for seven years from release. 

2GB of memory comes as standard with this virtually maintenance-free EPoS terminal. J2 625 users can opt for Hard Disk (HDD) or Solid State (SSD) storage drives, both of which can be changed in seconds.

The new machine comes with a 15” 4:3, mercury-free, LED backlit display, which is fully adjustable, bright and easy to read. This screen technology has a longer product life, consumes less power and is better for the environment. 

With an IP (Ingress Protection) rating of 64, the spill-proof and dust-proof J2 625 is suitable for the harshest of retail and hospitality environments.

The screens - either five-wire resistive (TFR) or multi-touch projected capacitive touch screen (PCT) – are unaffected by high temperatures, sea air, water spray, dust or grease.

A wide range of connectivity options, the ability to use secondary display screens, and support for popular technologies such as fingerprint recognition and iButton all add to the J2 625’s appeal. This new EPoS touchscreen terminal runs all the current Microsoft Windows operating systems and is RoHS and WEEE compliant.


J2 Retail Systems is a specialist manufacturer of PC-based touchscreens, LCD touchscreen monitors and point-of-sale hardware to the retail, hospitality and leisure industries. With 100,000 units+ installed worldwide, its clients include thousands of leisure operators, leading-brand retailers and hospitality businesses. 

J2 products stand out for their innovation, exceptional reliability and one of the lowest costs of EPoS ownership achievable today. The company controls its own design and manufacture and constantly looks for ways to improve the cost and quality of its user experience.

J2’s history has been one of pioneering and market ‘firsts’, including the first EPoS to contain Solid State storage drives as standard. The company now offers clients the widest choice of leading-edge touchscreen technologies available. It recently brought to market the first system to proactively monitor EPoS hardware and automate fault diagnosis and resolution before a till failure occurs. For more information, visit

SOURCE: J2 Retail Systems, Inc.