Guest Column | December 19, 2014

It's Christmas Year ‘Round For Hackers!

By Andrew Bagrin, Founder and CEO, My Digital Shield

Andrew Bagrin

These days, barely a week goes by that a cool new gadget or device with built-in Wi-Fi doesn’t emerge on the market. With thousands of new devices with hundreds of possible vulnerabilities, it’s Christmas year ‘round for hackers.

From Internet radios to baby monitors, virtually any Wi-Fi-enabled device can be used to access an office network and do serious, and sometimes unrecoverable, damage. While it’s not a pleasant thought, the more we enable our lives with cool tech, the more we open up the doors to criminals using weapons of ones and zeros to attack our machines and steal our data.

As IT solutions providers, you can empower your customers to better protect their businesses with improved cybersecurity practices. Here are three ways you can make an impact on cyber security for your clients — and yourself — in 2015:

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