Article | September 26, 2019

IT Glue GlueX Recap

Source: IT Glue

By Joshua Oakes, IT Glue


The last day of the GlueX conference was overflowing with amazing content. I’ll try and give you a recap that captures everything, but to really understand what a success GlueX was, you just had to be there.

The day kicked off with a bang. Wake up alarms went off early but it was totally worth getting out of bed. First up, the IT Glue Product Update. IT Glue’s Senior Product Manager, Jamie Kandola, and Product Marketing Manager, Wendy Har, announced big new features that are available to you now, plus a look at what’s to come. Here are the highlights:

IT Glue introduced Password Folders within IT Glue and MyGlue, a new feature that makes organizing passwords a cinch. Another notable introduction was the integration between IT Glue and Quickpass, which makes updating Active Directory passwords significantly faster and easier.

You may also have heard that the following also went live earlier this month: