Is 2016 The Year The Channel Gets Into The "Data Business"?

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson

Data Business

Over the past few months, I asked our contributors to share their predictions for 2016, and as their responses came back, regardless of technology or vertical, there was a common theme: data.  Your clients are faced with collecting, managing, analyzing, interpreting, protecting — and even figuring out ownership — of vast amounts of data.

In his guest column Managed Speculation Provider: Predictions On What 2016 Holds For MSPs [managed services providers] for BSMinfo.com, Cam Roberson, director of the reseller channel at Beachhead Solutions, points out, “The means of accessing data have obviously proliferated as technology progresses, from network access to PCs to mobile devices and now the cloud, where just about any device can be used as a terminal to download any data and interact with any dashboard or solution.” Roberson says in addition to being interoperability experts and to advising clients on where data should reside and how long it should reside there, your clients are going to expect you to help them make sense of the data they are collecting. 

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