White Paper

Is Managed Hosted Voice Right For You?

Hosted Voice (VoIP) is a cloud phone service that allows businesses, particularly small and medium-sized businesses, to enjoy the many feature advantages of an IP PBX, without having to lease, manage, and continuously update IP PBX equipment. Hosted Voice is a future-proof solution that also streamlines administration; can significantly reduce long distance costs; and includes many advanced mobility and productivity features. Managed Hosted Voice service combines these benefits with fully outsourced IT management, including all the hardware, maintenance, and monitoring necessary to ensure success.

Broadvox has two options for Hosted Voice Service: a fully managed service from the desktop over the network to the PTSN and an a la carte service designed primarily for IT consultants to enable maximum flexibility regarding choice of broadband and hardware.

With our Hosted Voice Managed service, we guarantee Quality of Service, prioritizing voice packets over data for maximum call clarity. We have full control of the system and the circuit, so you enjoy complete confidence that your system will perform seamlessly.

Often lost in the discussion about Hosted Voice is the direct impact of advanced VoIP features at a group and individual level. This white paper will explore the specific advantages of Managed Hosted Voice Service with regard to particular business communication needs, roles, and priorities. It details how this solution and its features uniquely address the needs of CEOs/owners, CTOs/IT Managers, Salespeople, Virtual Workers, and Receptionists.

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