Guest Column | June 12, 2013

IP Video In Retail: ROI Via Enhanced Productivity & Stronger Data

By Patrick O’Leary, Verint

Retail is a dynamic market, constantly changing and evolving due to the economic climate, buyer behavior, and the rise and fall of criminal activity. It's also a challenging market, where thin profit margins make cost control not just a useful strategy but a daily and constant requirement of doing business.

Analog video has performed well in the retail environment for many years, foiling shoplifters, identifying employee theft and generally helping to minimize the otherwise disastrous effect of shrink on the bottom line. Cost concerns and a history of on-the-job success might lead some retailers to retain these tried-and-true analog systems and delay investing in new IP networked video systems. In this instance, hesitation is a huge missed opportunity.

For one thing, IP digital systems perform better than legacy analog systems — the devices can be programmed for optimal resolution to maximize quality alongside efficient bandwidth and storage utilization. This allows retailers to extract important details from captured video, including merchandise details, vehicles and even currency. The better the video evidence, the more likely a retailer is to close an investigation quickly and to prevail in court.

Better yet, IP video systems offer a breadth of new capabilities beyond traditional loss prevention functions. Intelligent solutions can also help retailers manage business more efficiently, increase customer satisfaction and embrace new ways to improve operations — and the bottom line. Here are some additional benefits offered by today’s IP video systems:

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