Guest Column | January 5, 2012

IP Video In Retail, Restaurants, & Other Verticals

Jeff Whitney Intransa

By Jeff Whitney, VP of marketing, Intransa

How significant is the opportunity for integrators to sell video surveillance to their restaurant and retail customers?

The hospitality market is a growing market for video surveillance. Traditionally, restaurants have largely relied on limited or no surveillance, and when deployed, have been entirely VCR or DVR based. Much of this equipment has been purchased at warehouse clubs or major electronics stores, which limited the ability for the security dealer or integrator to participate. The improvements in IP technology, with megapixel cameras able to cover wider areas with better clarity than analog systems, has reduced the cost of IP camera deployment, while simplifying installation and operation of the server and storage hardware to nearly mimic the hands-off approach of a DVR. That opens up a bigger opportunity for a security dealer or integrator to participate in this market, particularly for restaurant chains or large independents.