Case Study

IP-Based Security Offers The Flexibility To Manage A School's Security Long-Term

Source: Sony Electronics Inc.

At Bakersfield City School District (BCSD), the greatest issue for installing, operating, and maintaining the Sony security system is the sheer scale of it. The district is spread  out over 158 square miles with more than 28,000 junior high school, middle school, and elementary school students enrolled on 41 campuses. With over 2,000 Sony  IPELA™ network cameras controlled and coordinated by ONSSI’s Ocularis video management software (VMS), how does the district keep the system up and running and  within budget?

The key to low total cost of operation is the robust reliability of the Sony cameras delivering bandwidth-efficient surveillance video. Managing the set-up of the large number of cameras is easy with the help of the Sony SNC Toolbox. From SNC Toolbox, the Bakersfield staff can automatically find Sony network cameras on the network, perform  firmware upgrades, apply a setting for multiple cameras, and other key functions.

“Working with a long-established, reputable vendor gives us a great deal of confidence that we will be well taken care of as we maintain the system and add improvements over the years ahead,” said Jeff Minor, Network Administrator of the Bakersfield City School District. “We needed the flexibility that IP-based systems offer, so we could manage the system properly according to our changing needs through the school year.”