Case Study

Iowa 80 Group - High-Resolution Coverage Of Each Of Their Truck Stops


The Iowa 80 Group, a chain of the largest truck stops in the world, has been serving the professional truck driver since 1964. With locations in Iowa, Missouri and North Carolina, the Iowa 80 Group provides a variety of amenities, which include everything from fuel, truck accessories and truck washes to chiropractic, dining and hair-cutting services, that truly make its locations an oasis for truck drivers to relax and refresh in a single stop. Iowa 80 Group prides itself on understanding that a driver’s time literally is money, and the company strives to operate quickly and efficiently so truckers can get back on the road as soon as possible.


The Iowa 80 Group truck stops see a ton of traffic each day as thousands of truckers pass through their facilities for the wide variety of services offered by their dozens of business units. Throughout its locations across the country, the company had installed analog surveillance cameras to help combat shoplifting, enhance employee efficiency and, most importantly for the Iowa 80 Group, reduce liability concerns. However, the poor image quality of the analog cameras failed to control liability fraud or theft, as company officials couldn’t identify shoplifters and employees due to the grainy image quality. In addition, the system wasn’t user-friendly, leading to cases of user error.

“If someone claimed to have been injured on our property and we could review footage and determine that person wasn’t here on the day they claim, that saves us a lot of time and money,” said Burke Strand, Network Manager, Iowa 80 Group. “But we didn’t have the proper picture quality to identify people’s faces, and therefore, our original system didn’t help reduce liability at all.”

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