From The Editor | November 16, 2010

Intronis Names New CEO Kent Plunkett

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While there have been whispers for a few weeks now, the news is finally official: Kent Plunkett has assumed the CEO role at SaaS business continuity vendor Intronis. Plunkett will take the reins from cofounder, president, and CEO Sam Gutmann, who isn't going far, merely transitioning to the role of chairman of the board.

The reasons behind the move are quite humble — Gutmann intends to focus on innovation while Plunkett, who grew from infancy to more than $40 million in sales over jut 10 years, will be tasked with achieving new levels of growth for Intronis. In a call just prior to the announcement, Intronis VP of marketing, Carol Ferrari, VP of Channel Development Ted Roller, and Marketing Manager Alex Bichuch, shared the drivers behind the hire of Plunkett. "Sam will continue to drive the vision and innovation behind Intronis," says Ferrari, adding that Gutmann, in fact, spearheaded the search for a new CEO. "Sam wanted a veteran of the software business to jump start growth of the company and drive us to the next level." Intronis is part of a crowded backup and recovery marketplace, and Plunkett is being challenged to take the team built by Gutmann and move the vendor forward on its unique value proposition, which includes extreme customer service its channel partners.

I'll be chatting with Kent about his goals for the company and some changes - if any - the channel should expect to see from Intronis in the next couple days, but until then, you can read the full Intronis announcement about new CEO Kent Plunkett here.