News | July 25, 2014

Introducing A Secure And Flexible Tablet Enclosure Solution


MMF POS, a leading supplier of cash drawers and accessories, now offers solutions for your tablet ecosystem addressing the retail, security, mobility, medical, multi-function hospitality, and industrial demand for small form-factor solutions. The FleX-7 and FleX-10 Tablet Enclosures are part of the new TABlock Series, a family of ruggedized, secure, and lockable tablet solutions targeted to fit most tablets in the market today and providing maximum asset protection to prevent unauthorized use.

Made of lightweight aluminum and steel construction, the FleX-7 and FleX-10 Tablet Enclosures have a patent-pending EZ-FleX spring-loaded mechanism that adapts to most tablets affording cross functionality to the ever-changing tablet hardware. The FleX-7 and FleX-10 Tablet Enclosures come with a base stand which offers the Swivel-MAX™ technology allowing 360° rotation for portrait or landscape orientation and optimized viewing angle.

The Tablet Enclosures have a built-in 3.5mm audio port for most credit card readers, external speakers, or any application requiring the headphone jack. The design is radio transparent allowing for WIFI, Bluetooth, and cellular service. A VESA mounting pattern is provided for versatile installation to walls, counter, or other flat surfaces.

The FleX-7 and FleX-10 Tablet Enclosures are available in black, red, and white. Custom colors and logo imprint are available upon request.

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