Case Study

INTEGRA Healthcare Equipment Streamlines Backup Process With Agentless Solution

Source: KineticD

INTEGRA Healthcare Equipment provides comprehensive state of the art equipment and services for healthcare needs. INTEGRA delivers products to both homecare patients and healthcare providers with services designed specifically to complement their inventory. INTEGRA’s warm staff provides immediate patient care with clinical excellence and guarantees same day delivery of all products and services. INTEGRA has various locations across Michigan and Illinois.

The Technology Partner Solution

When Chad Furbee, IT director for INTEGRA, joined the company, he noticed that there was not an adequate backup solution in place. At that time, data was being backed up on multiple servers in various locations across Illinois, Missouri, and Michigan using built-in Windows 2008 image backups and NTBackup. Furbee found this solution difficult to manage and began to search for a solution that would back up company data locally while still storing it in the cloud for additional protection.

The solution for INTEGRA was KineticCloud™ Backup for Servers, which can be personalized to automatically back up locally for quicker restores, while still backing up to the offsite cloud for protection from natural disasters, user errors, hardware failures, fires and vandalism.

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