Magazine Article | May 18, 2011

Installation Review: Additional Workflow Revenue From Existing Customer Needing Document Management System

By Chris MacKinnon, Business Solutions magazine.

Brian Cruickshank, president of Novacc Technology, a document management and workflow solutions provider and system integrator, says it only took a few days and an existing business relationship to convince Xceed Mortgage, a finance and mortgage broker, that they were in dire need of a document management system and workflow solution, and that $65,000 for a total solution was worth every penny in the long run.

Novacc installed and configured CNG-SAFE, a complete document management system and workflow software product developed by Cabinet NG, for Xceed's finance and mortgage underwriting departments. But this did not happen overnight. Novacc held several meetings to understand Xceed's current paper environment and flow of documents within each department.

With Xceed, Novacc had the advantage of having a preexisting relationship as a proven technology advisor and had extensive knowledge of document management systems, so Cruickshank says the sales process already had credibility built in. "What got their attention was the document management software, its features, and ease of use."

The experience of working within the finance and mortgage vertical has given Novacc insight into the industry. "We are already working with several other clients on proposals in this vertical and feel that with more regulatory and compliance requirements on the horizon, a document management system solution is an essential part of any finance or mortgage business," Cruickshank concludes.