Inside BlueStar's VARTECH: Walking The Show Floor

VARTECH Show floor vidshot

I wrote in an earlier article (BlueStar Makes Trade Show On Cruise Ship A Reality) that I struggled to capture the essence of VARTECH because it was such an atypical trade show. BlueStar hosted its annual VARTECH Conference Oct. 5-8 on the Carnival Imagination traveling from Miami to Nassau, The Bahamas.

Hopefully this video will paint a clearer picture (literally) of this unique event. But before you press the video’s “play” button, check out this picture of the Spirit Dining Room from Imagination. That served as the main show floor for VARTECH. The video you’re about to watch begins in the Grand Spectrum where most of the larger VARTECH booths were set up. We then move to the Spirit Dining Room – warning: you won’t recognize it from the picture – where the majority of show booths were set up.

I took these videos on the second day of the event when traffic wasn’t as heavy. Had I tried shooting these videos on day one, I couldn’t have walked through the crowd as briskly due to the number of resellers standing nearly shoulder-to-shoulder.

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