News | August 18, 2015

Innovation Lab Names Dell Services As Founding Partner For Incubator

By Megan Williams, contributing writer

According to a BusinessWire announcement, The Innovation Institute recently announced that Dell Services has agreed to act as the founding healthcare IT partner for their Newport Beach, CA, Innovation Lab.

The lab, which falls under the world-class corporate healthcare incubator, launches new products and services focused on improving the health of people and communities around the world. It comprises both a physical space for connection, and programs to facilitate transformation of care.

Ideas are generated by clinicians working in the trenches of healthcare and contribute to the improvement of care delivery in ways they would not have been able to without a vehicle like the lab. Inventors submit their ideas for evaluation, and if it’s determined to have merit, the inventor receives financial rewards in the form of equity, royalties, and other means. Anyone is able to submit an idea through the website here.

Dell’s Role

Dell will be leveraging the power of the Innovation Institute to examine new ideas and solutions. It will be facilitating pilot programs and be granted access to clinical expertise through the bank of global expertise the Institute has amassed. Some of the IT pilots include:

  • Turning healthcare data in actionable insights and knowledge through cloud-enabled analytics in order to generate better decision-making
  • Improving patient engagement
  • Developing the Dell Internet Of Things to push analytical power to the “edge of the network” in an effort to cut time and cost currently needed to transfer non-essential data to the cloud

According to Sid Nair, vice president and global general manager, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Dell Services, “Investing in innovation enables us to build solutions that address the needs of the rapidly changing healthcare market. Working with The Innovation Institute gives Dell access to its members’ expertise, which will help us mature our capabilities and ultimately create better outcomes for our customers and the industry as a whole.”