News Feature | April 10, 2014

Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2014 Takeaways Via Twitter

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson

Ingram Micro Cloud Summit

At the Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2014 this week, speakers provided insight, advice, and inspiration. Here’s what channel members in the audience shared on Twitter from the presentations.   

ChannelPR: Mobility is driving everything, especially the cloud, says Greg Richey @IngramMicroInc #IMCloud14 #mobility

IMCloudServices: Best 3 verticals new IT startups should consider focusing on? financial services, retail, and healthcare. @CompTIA #IMCloud14

IMCloudServices: 22% of businesses that deployed cloud solutions brought them back in-house #DigitalFatigue @CompTIA #IMCloud14

jbystrak: Successful execution of your cloud financial plan is all about tracking sales and marketing KPIs so you can adjust course #IMCloud14

jbystrak: With cloud, you are no longer selling to the IT Department; you are selling to the business leaders. #IMCloud14

McCall_Jay: "It’s time to rebrand the ‘Trusted IT Advisor’ to become the trusted business partner." @katherinehunt @CompTIA #IMCloud14

jzanni_Hosting: Rene: Sell once, invoice forever. 4.5% attrition channel. 15% industry avg. 30%+ direct. Channel is strategic #IMCloud14 @ParallelsCloud

channelbuzzaca: Far from cloud making the channel go away, IM CEO Alain Monie predicts cloud will drive explosion of vendors seeking partners. #IMCloud14

Tiffani_Bova: @levie @box “The user experience is changing rapidly. You have to focus on what’s gaining traction in the marketplace.”

PaulaJohns: The global IT market is $3.6 trillion. North America represents 30% of that number: @CompTIA via @IMCloudServices #cloud #IT #IMCloud14

ReneeIMCloud: If you don't like change, you are going to like irrelevancy even less #IMCloud14 @IMCloudServices

IMcostigan: "Creativity is about thinking up new things. Innovation is about doing new things," says Terry Jones at #IMCloud14

AmberTrendell: Keep teams small — two pizzas should feed the bunch otherwise your team is too big via #TerryJones #IMCloud14

KimIMCloud: "Change is inevitable but growth is optional" Terry Jones, Chairman of Kayak, Founder of Travelocity #IMCloud14

BigGreen_IT: Culture and team are the pillars of innovation @terrellbjones #IMCloud14

AmberTrendell: Your dream needs a deadline. #TerryJones #IMCloud14

McCall_Jay: Since 2002, deals ending in “no decision” are up 54%; Source: CEB/Motista 2012 B2B Survey #IMCloud14

IMCloudServices: @JenniferAnaya: “Easiest way to get your VAR/MSP practice covered is to introduce yourself to a B2B editor.” #IMCloud14

ReneeIMCloud: Fail fast. Kill the project not the people #IMCloud14 @IMCloudServices #cloud

jzanni_Hosting: Vendors are selling direct because the channel is not keeping pace. @Tiffani_Bova #IMCloud14 @ParallelsCloud

jzanni_Hosting: On average a customer has talked to 4 other sources before talking to their VAR #IMCloud14 @Tiffani_Bova @ParallelsCloud

GenBiggs: 71% need mobile work style solution, 60% don't have resources to deploy new tech. That = opp for solution providers @citrix #IMCloud14

IMCloudServices: @mikefouts: “The DaaS space will be a $1.5 billion opportunity in the next 18-24 months.” #Citrix #IMCloud14

IMCloudServices: @justinmoore @Axcient “Many of the channel companies that don't innovate now won't exist in 3 years.” #IMCloud14

McCall_Jay: More data was created in 2013 than the last 5,000 years combined @EllenBerlan #IMCloud14