Guest Column | September 24, 2015

6 Industry Trends MSPs Should Get Their Heads Around — Fast!

By Alistair Forbes, GM, LogicNow

MSP Industry Trends

Managed services providers (MSPs) have a responsibility to be up to speed on emerging industry trends and adaptable to new technologies. These activities are critical to ensuring that the MSP remains perpetually valuable to customers and profitable as a business. The challenge often lies in finding a balance between managing the business through multiple change cycles and maintaining control of all assets. This means that in addition to standardizing and streamlining current configurations and processes, MSPs must be aware of new technologies, remain flexible, and understand when it makes sense to move forward with portfolio changes or investments. 

There are a number of trends impacting customers today that MSPs should be on top of to provide the best support possible to meet customer expectations. Below are the top six trends MSPs need to wrap their heads around quickly to avoid falling behind the competition:

  1. Windows 10. Windows 10 is an impressive operating system, but MSPs are still required to secure and protect customer data within the system. Aside from some initial technical issues and security concerns, Windows 10 has shown real improvement by adopting features such as single sign-on and two-factor authentication. MSPs should ensure that customers are aware of what the Windows 10 update means for their organization’s success. They also need to be prepared to answer questions regarding security features, compatibility and deployment to provide customers with a smooth transition. Ultimately, the clients of the MSP will be looking to the MSP to help them better understand the business value that would result from implementing Windows 10.  Success for the MSP will depend on being able to articulate this in the context of each individual client.

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