Case Study

Increasing Profits, Retaining Clients And Acquiring New Accounts With BriteCITY And Doyenz

By Ryon Ellis, president and IT solutions architect, briteCITY

briteCITY is a prominent managed service provider located in Southern California. In 2007, briteCITY President Ryon Ellis and his business partner started the company after spending six years in small business consulting. The company delivers services to the marketplace in a 100 percent managed services model.

"The traditional support model in the IT services space is selling time for dollars," Ellis says. "Spending the years that we did at our prior firm, we saw the lifestyle inhibitions and the profitability inhibitions that that model inherently brings to the table. We were convinced that we could be more profitable, spend more time with our families and less time working if we went with a strict complete managed services model. We don't sell time; we sell solutions."