Article | June 14, 2018

Improve Visibility And Accountability In 3 Steps

Source: ConnectWise

By Linda Brotherton, ConnectWise

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Businesses of all sizes meet on common ground when visibility and accountability are in question. In fact, the larger the company, the more detrimental a lack of visibility can be.

Without visibility into daily operations, there’s bound to be a lack of accountability and that’s when things really start unraveling. Fortunately, the warning signs are easy to spot. Here are 3 scenarios to watch out for, and if any of them seem familiar, it’s a sure sign of some major inefficiencies at your business.

Don’t worry, we’ve got solutions for you too!

Scenario 1: Tasks are falling through the cracks.

Your sales rep wins a new client and emails the service team with the update. The email gets lost in the shuffle (or the sales rep didn’t send it out right away), and your brand new client doesn’t get the timely attention they’ve been promised.

Solution: Putting the right systems in place will ensure sure all the details are documented and centrally located, so you can guarantee that your customers are getting a seamless experience no matter who’s on staff that day.