News Feature | January 26, 2015

Important 2015 Trends To Keep In Mind For Your Field Service IT Customers

By Cheryl Knight, contributing writer

Field SErvice Workers

Field Technologies Online reports “field service organizations have reached an unprecedented transformative stage.” FTO points out your field service IT clients are feeling pressure to modernize their operations to stay competitive, looking to leverage technology including the Internet of Things, advanced analytics and smartphone and tablet integration.

An article from Trimble lists eight trends that will impact field service this year. The first trend is robust and flexible platforms. Trimble points out “companies are looking to solutions providers to deliver platforms globally as the foundation for innovation.” The article continues that these platforms need to be “cloud-based and flexible.” Trimble also points out your field service IT customers are looking for one provider to deliver all the functionality they need.

The second trend is a focus on security, not only protecting the network, but also mobile devices. The third trend is embedded analytics, to use data generated in the field to be more efficient and productive.

Trimble also says your field service IT customers want greater integration — especially with mobile devices — and to leverage the Internet of Everything, with a goal of intelligent and preventive, not reactive approach.

The sixth trend is enhanced network reliability, followed by catering to a younger, more tech savvy workforce, and mobility— with an emphasis on the best solution suited to the operation to allow the company to be the most competitive.

Field Technologies Online’s annual Field Mobility survey also revealed trends to remember this year. The survey shows 52 percent of respondents workers use consumer-grade handhelds or smartphones, with 30 percent of those saying they will consider a rugged or semi-rugged device and 12 percent would consider laptops or tablets when their companies upgrade.

Of respondents who use laptops, 58 percent plan to stick with laptops, with 42 percent considering rugged tablets when their companies upgrade. And of those who use tablets, 94 percent say they will continue to use tablets in the future.