Guest Column | February 25, 2013

If You Think Data Security Is Taken Seriously, Think Again!

Simon Bain

By Simon Bain, Simplexo

Big Data is very much a hot topic right now. There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by when we’re not being spoken to, about, or at on the subject. With this in mind, I wanted to conduct a swift survey to see how seriously organizations are taking the threat of data breaches in relation to big data.

It was nothing too scientific: a quick internet search of the terms ‘Big Data’ and ‘security’ brought up 53,600,000 results in 0.31 seconds. A positive start, I thought initially, but as I dug deeper my optimism began to fade.

The results largely featured companies advertising how they can analyze big data sets to see where a threat may arise from. So, in essence, nothing really about security at all, just about how to sell software to analyze web traffic and determine where a hack might occur. Now this might seem all well and good, but when you consider that now days the majority of serious attacks are no longer web based but internal, it does raise a few worrying questions.

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