News | July 19, 2011

ibml Unveils Significant Enhancements To Its SoftTrac Capture Suite

Source: ibml

Birmingham, AL - ibml, a leading provider of document scanning solutions and services, recently announced the release of the latest version of its powerful SoftTrac® Capture Suite and connectors for Kofax Capture and TiS eFlow.

SoftTrac Capture Suite Version 2.5 includes upgrades to its SoftTrac Scan, SoftTrac PostScan and SoftTrac Analytics modules. Along with this release, ibml introduces a standalone quality control module to help facilitate QA within the scanning process prior to export to backend workflow. With the operational tools provided in SoftTrac Capture Suite Version 2.5, ibml users can more easily standardize their document scanning operations, while streamlining information tracking, control and export.

The newest version of SoftTrac Scan includes a wide range of enhancements designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of document scanning operations. These enhancements include: dynamic feeding that automatically adjusts the feeder speed at run time; an image configuration tool that streamlines the configuration of image settings; dog-ear detection; and 'About Boxes' with complete version information for imaging components, camera firmware, transport managers, and more. What's more, SoftTrac Capture Suite 2.5 provides a legacy output option for existing ibml users that allows for the use of existing back-end export processes. And legacy SoftTrac and version 2.5 can be installed on the same host PC providing for an easier migration.

With the release of SoftTrac Capture Suite 2.5, ibml introduces direct connectors to Kofax Capture and TiS eFlow platforms; an application programmer's interface connector that streamlines the integration between the ibml platform and other third-party systems; and an image output filter that determines whether output include color or bi-tonal images.

SoftTrac Capture Suite 2.5 also includes SoftTrac Quality Control as a standalone product. SoftTrac Quality Control streamlines quality assurance by allowing users to review documents and images within batches using an adjustable-speed auto-scroll feature. Users can flag documents for re- scanning, or edit or delete batches, documents and metadata. SoftTrac Quality Control also allows users to quickly search for specific documents by document ID or document type, and search within batches using IJP, barcode or MICR information. What's more, the software has the ability to display thumbnail images of selected documents, as well as the results of search criteria.

Additionally, SoftTrac Capture Suite 2.5 includes powerful Management Tools, including SoftTrac Analytics. With SoftTrac Capture Suite 2.5, SoftTrac Analytics has been upgraded to include support for multiple databases, meaning information can be combined into a single report as if it were from a single database. The newest version of SoftTrac Analytics includes an improved user interface for managing custom reports; filters information by time and date (in addition to criteria available in the legacy version of the software); includes a built-in errors-to-documents ratio report that allows users to rank scanner performance across sites; and features an error-ratio summary report detailing error trends for individual scanners.

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ibml provides intelligent scanning and document capture solutions that drive business process improvements from the point of capture -- whether it's a high-volume centralized operation or a remote office. Combining hardware, software and services, ibml's comprehensive solutions automate the most demanding document applications in banking, financial services, healthcare, government services, outsourcing and more. Every day, hundreds of ibml customers across 41 countries use our technology to capture millions of document images.

SOURCE: ibml