News | March 14, 2011

ibml Scanning Platform Helps Lockheed Martin Team Complete 2010 Census Project On Schedule, Under Budget

Source: ibml

Birmingham, AL - ibml recently announced that its high-speed document scanning technology played a key role in helping the Lockheed Martin-led Decennial Response Integration System (DRIS) team complete the 2010 Census forms processing operation on schedule and under budget.

The capture of 2010 Census data was central to the 6-year DRIS technology program. The DRIS team was responsible for the people, processes, technology and infrastructure needed to receive, capture and standardize census data from U.S. residents. By designing an advanced technology solution to accurately, securely and efficiently scan the forms, the team was able to process as many as 2.5 million 2010 Census forms every 24 hours during peak production.

Lockheed Martin used 44 ibml ImageTrac scanners across three data capture centers to capture images from more than 165 million 2010 Census forms. The superior image quality of the ImageTrac scanners helped Lockheed Martin exceed its objectives for recognition rates in optical character recognition (OCR), key entry, output and optical mark recognition (OMR). Ensuring the accurate capture of data was critical to the project, because if the data were misread, the census results could be skewed, impacting the apportionment of Congressional seats and the allocation of more than $400B in federal aid each year to state, local and tribal governments, among other things. ibml's ImageTrac scanners also met Lockheed Martin's throughput and availability objectives.

"I'm proud of the performance of our team and our scanning technology in this important project," said ibml President and CEO Derrick Murphy. "Our ability to meet Lockheed Martin's stringent requirements for image quality, throughput and availability reaffirms our leadership position in the high-speed intelligent scanning market. While few business applications can match the scope or schedule of the 2010 Census, every organization can benefit from the performance provided by ibml scanning solutions."

The 2010 Census generated tens of millions of forms, all of which had to be processed within 90 days. The census forms consisted of an 8.5" x 11" booklet and 11.5" x 25" short forms. Once gathered, all of the forms were scanned so the information could be analyzed, applied and archived. The information was handled carefully to ensure that no errors resulted from mis-feeds, double-feeds, creasing or other problems.

Lockheed Martin selected ibml's ImageTrac scanners for this project after an extensive evaluation that included a four-month test that duplicated real-world operations, using actual operators and the types of forms and volumes the scanners would process for the 2010 Census.

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SOURCE: ibml