Case Study

I-Class With Linear Scanner Saves Company Time And Money

Source: Datamax - O'Neil

A major clothing manufacturer located in California has realized an enormous savings by implementing Datamax-O'Neil I-Class printers with linear scanners into their daily operations. The company operates two order fulfillment facilities, one located in San Francisco, the other in Los Angeles. Each facility is responsible for receiving the clothing from the manufacturing facility and repackaging and shipping the items to suit each customer's order.

In the previous system, each box was individually labeled according to the customer's specifications. The company was experiencing many compliance label issues and customers were charging high fees for receiving packages with unreadable bar code labels. The company then installed several costly verifiers, thinking this would alleviate the problem. However, as the boxes would travel down the shipping conveyers, if the verifier determined that the bar code was unreadable, the box would be removed from the line and a worker would have to reprint the label manually. This process was delaying several shipments, as partial orders could not be sent. There were approximately 35 occurrences of this kind each day.

The clothing manufacturer contacted Portable Data Systems, an authorized Datamax-O'Neil reseller located in Carlsbad, California, for a better solution. Portable Data Systems assisted the clothing facilities by implementing 20 Datamax-O'Neil I-4212 printers with the Linear Scanner option at each facility. Each printer also utilized Ethernet and was connected via a WAN (Wireless Area Network).