Article | February 27, 2020

How Your Merchants Can Make The Most Of Their Bowling POS System

Source: EVO Payments
Bowling Ball On Lane

Bowling allies can be a profitable business opportunity, but your merchants must make sure that they provide their guests with a good time and make certain that their business is managed in an effective manner. According to, “Bowling is a $10 billion industry and there are 67 million people who bowl at least once a year.” The faster that your merchants’ customers can get guests out onto the lane, the happier they will be. A bowling POS system helps your merchants to accomplish all of this and more.

Improved Customer Service

The more efficiently that your merchants are able to run their bowling alley, the more successful it will be. Due to the fact that their bowling alley is a multi-service environment, it is essential that they have an organized management system in place. With their bowling POS system, merchants can complete transactions for all types of services with a single system. This makes it possible to check customers in and out faster, provide more efficient service, and provide customers with improved service.


Your merchants can keep track of their customers’ information using their bowling POS system. This gives them the ability to email or text customers to provide them with promotions or recognize special occasions. Along with building customer loyalty, this aspect of their POS system also provides the opportunity to provide discounts. With their point-of-sale system, merchants can also take advantage of the opportunity to provide online booking and streamline the entire booking process. Your merchants’ POS system will also give them the ability to promote add-ons to packages.

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