Article | October 24, 2019

How Your Merchants Can Make The Most Of Their Amusement Park POS System

Source: EVO Payments
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The amusement park industry is on the rise. According to a report by IBIS World, “There were 675 businesses in 2019 with a total revenue of $20 billion.” No matter the size, as a value added reseller, it is important that your customers who operate an amusement park have the right point-of-sale system to ensure their customers have an enjoyable experience. We tell you what characteristics to look for that will help them handle all of their operational needs in a seamless and efficient system.

Sales Tracking
Regardless of the size of your merchants’ amusement park, they need the ability to track sales for any given point in their park. Your merchants’ amusement park POS system will give them the ability to do just that. Along with tracking ticket sales, their POS system will also give them the opportunity to track sales made in concession stands, gift shops, and more. Find out exactly where your merchants make most of their sales as well as the most popular times and days for sales.