Article | July 18, 2019

How To Use Security Technology To Close A Sale

Source: Shift4

By Sean Berg, Shift4

Payment Security

Cybersecurity technology is an integral part of any business, helping to reduce the risk of data breaches. Despite its importance, selling this technology is simply not as interesting, or as simple, as talking about features and functions of point of sale technology. Leading a conversation with security is a death sentence to a sale, as the average business owner does not have the time nor the technical understanding to realize its significance. Instead, resellers should keep their security knowledge in store to help express urgency at the end of a sale.

When most people think of data breaches, images of brilliant computer masterminds coding and finding advanced ways to break into systems come to mind. In reality, the average hacker is simply a computer user with an average, or even below average, understanding of computer systems. It is possible that someone you know is a capable hacker simply because they know how to manipulate a vulnerability.

For instance, a business might use the default password on its router. Even if the password is advanced, if the same default password is issued to each unit by the manufacturer, and that password is not changed, it presents a major vulnerability. If a hacker can get into the router, they can access everything connected to it. This is the type of situation being taken advantage of today by an average hacker to create data breaches. Meanwhile, the average business owner is unaware that his systems are insecure with old technology and how commonplace it has become for hackers to access a system and compromise data.

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