News | August 9, 2014

How To Make Money Taking A "No Surprises" Approach With Your Customers

Source: RapidFire Tools
Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson

RapidFire Tools is offering a webinar on Thursday, August 14, 2014, at 2 p.m. ET on “The Top 10 Ways IT Pros Use IT Assessments To Guarantee Success.” In the webinar, Mark Winter, VP of sales for RapidFire Tools, will detail ways to use network assessments throughout the business life cycle — from helping to generate leads and close new business, to delivering new services to expand existing customer relationships.

An item on the agenda is an explanation of how you can be sure of what you’re getting into before you commit to doing work. In his presentation at BSM’s Channel Transitions conference on July 22 in Boston, Winter said using the company’s Network Detective to run an IT assessment lets you enter a new relationship fully aware of the status of the customer’s network “to get a baseline snapshot of what you’re inheriting.” He points out, “It’s a bad way to start a relationship to not be aware of problems and to have to go back and immediately increase your price.”

Knowing the status of a prospect’s network can also help you win business. Bob Coppedge, CEO of Simplex-IT, explains his company uses the tool to run an assessment and generate reports for prospects. He comments that they always find issues, and they present them to the prospect — and even allow the prospect to share the findings with their current IT solutions provider. “Our position is, if they didn’t know about the issues, they’re incompetent. And if they did know about them, and didn’t do anything about it, then their service is bad.”

IT services provider Dan McCoy says the tool can also generate revenue. “We set up a value for the basic assessment, and then offer a special deal at about half the price, and then offer to apply what they pay us to their first month’s service if they sign us up.” He believes the paid assessment is a key driver for growing his business — 75 percent of prospects who get the network assessment go on to purchase his baseline service. “The coolest thing is that we’re getting paid to uncover selling opportunities,” McCoy comments. “It doesn’t get any better than that!”

Winter adds the tool can also be used to create services and revenue streams. IT solutions providers can sell “regular health checkups” as a managed service — also a win for your customers who will prevent costly downtime if problems go undetected until the network fails. “Compliance-as-a-Service” is another option for customers required by law or regulation to file reports related to IT, such as the healthcare industry. RapidFire Tools has a HIPAA Risk Assessment module specifically for your healthcare customers.

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