How To Help Your Merchant Clients Build Customer Databases With mPOS

Source: TransFirst
 Build Customer Databases With mPOS

Craig Tieken, vice president of product for TransFirst, tells how to enable your merchant client to  build a customer database with data collected through mobile point of sale (mPOS), how to enable them to collect data, and some of the metrics your client can track.

BSM: One of the benefits of mPOS is the capability to build a customer database. How does a VAR make this work for their client?

Tieken: The merchant needs to be able to capture unique information about the customer, or enable the customer to provide the unique information to the merchant about him/herself (e.g., a URL link to facilitate customer data collection), and store that data in a secure database for use in communicating with those consumers. Ideally the merchant would be able to tie purchase history to the customer record. 

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