Guest Column | March 15, 2021

How To Get More Qualified Sale Conversations Using LinkedIn

By Sally Jo LaMont, Social Sales Link

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Using LinkedIn is one of the best ways to build relationships, offer real value, and be a resource to your connections. I would even venture to say that it is one of the most powerful sales tools available today. By searching through your established 1st-degree connections, LinkedIn allows us to identify who in our network can help us gain access to our targeted buyers.

Before you begin, it’s best to take inventory of your connections. Start by downloading them into a CVS file. This allows you to take stock of your connections you will be approaching to gain what was once an inaccessible buyer. 

Go to your contact’s profile. Click on their connections. Select “all filters”, and type a search string for their title to create a list of your 2nd-degree connections that meet your target buyer criteria. Review the list and choose 8-10 prospects.

Once you have the list of the prospects, you can have the option to choose between two strategies to help grow your business:

  1. The Referral: Think of this as the updated version of, “Mr. Customer, if you can think of others that may also benefit from working with us, could you keep us in mind?” The problem with this example is that your customer is busy and has other priorities. 

You can now call, email, or send a LinkedIn message asking if they would make an introduction to one of their connections you’ve identified. This can apply to any 1st-degree connection who has had positive, personal experience with your services. When the connection makes the introduction, it comes with the context of their success associated with your organization. This gives you credibility from the first interaction.

  1. Name Drop: While elementary, you might be surprised at the efficacy of this process. Once you and your connection both agree on the prospect list (You must always review the names with your connection and get permission to name drop), reach out to the prospect with a connection request: “XXX and I were chatting and your name came up in our conversation. They thought it made sense for me to reach out and connect. Kindly visit my profile and if you agree, let's connect.”

After they connect, you can message them and suggest you jump on a call to fill them in on what XXX and you were discussing. Be authentic when you get them on the phone. This is meant to be an honest and credible way to grow your business.

By leveraging your connections, you can and will schedule more sales conversations with your targeted buyers. Watch your business rapidly grow with connections you never even knew you could further capitalize on, and prospects you never even knew existed.

Sally Jo LaMont, Social Sales LinkAbout The Author

Sally Jo has spent her career in technology sales and sales training. For over 6 years she has been focused on social selling for Channel Sales, Channel Partners, and Corporate Sales Teams. Should you be interested in learning more for you or your team, feel free to contact me at, connect with me on LinkedIn, or schedule a 15-minute call at ‚Äč