White Paper

How To Fit Your Technology Expertise Into Your Customer's World

Source: Shift4 Payments

By Sean Berg, Shift4 Payments

MSP Technology Expertise

You have been in this industry for decades. But how well do you know your customer’s operations? Is there more you can learn? To maximize your sales, you need to truly understand how each technology can benefit the business owner. As a business technology reseller, you should be able to answer each of the following questions:

  • If the owner did not have a business technology solution (e.g., POS system, security system, inventory control system), what tasks would he perform each day?
  • What tasks are affected by the business technology you offer?
  • Do you understand the tasks well enough yourself to perform them without a technology solution?
  • How do the solutions you offer improve the efficiency of each task?
  • Can you tell the story of a life as a business owner with and without the technology solutions you offer?

Most business technology resellers have a deep understanding of their products. Yet many do not know the day-to-day operations of their customers. Business owners want to solve their problems. So, how can you take your deep technology expertise and make it important to the customer? That requires understanding the business owner’s needs and their operations. Only after you understand how the business owner completed all of their tasks before technologies existed can you apply your deep product knowledge to benefit the owner.