Guest Column | October 28, 2019

How to Create An Anticipatory Channel Organization

By Rob Spee, Channel Journeys Consulting

Daniel Burrus, The Anticipatory Organization

Daniel Burrus

Technology Futurist, Disruptive Innovation Expert, Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author


San Diego, CA


The Anticipatory Organization

"Anytime you can see a disruption before it disrupts, anytime you can see change before the change hits, you can use that to your advantage. If it can be done, it will be done. If you don't do it, someone else will. The risk now is not doing it." — Daniel Burrus

In this age of exponential growth and innovation, there will always be the disruptor or the disrupted. The difference between the two is those who anticipated the change will disrupt, and those who watched it pass by will be disrupted. Looking to the future has become more important than ever. Using an anticipatory mindset will help you determine which trends and changes you can capitalize on.

I spoke with Daniel Burrus, technology futurist and best-selling author of The Anticipatory Organization, on my Channel Journeys podcast. We talked about the different types of trends and how to use an anticipatory mindset to create an anticipatory channel organization.

Key Take-Aways

  • All trends fit into one of two categories; hard trends or soft trends. A hard trend is based on absolute certainty. A soft trend is based on an assumption about the future.
  • Start by asking yourself, what are all the things you are certain about and uncertain about? What are the things that you know will happen?
  • Once you’ve looked at the future of your organization and you identify the hard trends and opportunities, think about the predictable problems that you, your partners, and your key customers will have.
  • Narrow down your list to the low hanging fruit. Pick one or two that wouldn’t take long to accomplish yet will have a big payoff. Then make it happen.
  • Be sure that when you’re pitching your initiatives internally for funding that you use more facts, based on hard trends, and less opinion.

Take Action — One Thing You Can Do Today

First, order your free copy of The Anticipatory Organization, and then listen to the complete Channel Journeys podcast listen to learn how you can create an anticipatory channel organization.

Robert Spee, Channel Journey ConsultingAbout The Author

Rob Spee is founder and CEO of Channel Journeys Consulting and host of the Channel Journeys podcast. Rob applies his channel expertise to help clients create and execute channel strategies to accelerate revenue growth. His global channel experience spans from building channels at startups to vendors and distributors like Arrow, BMC, Carbonite, and SAS. Follow Rob on Twitter and LinkedIn.