Guest Column | October 22, 2013

How to Convince Customers Cloud Storage Is Secure

By Todd Scallan, VP of Products, Axcient

When it comes to the cloud, some of the first things that may come to mind are the headlines about significant data breaches experienced by cloud providers, such as Amazon, iCloud and DropBox. Recent discoveries of NSA and government spying raise further concerns about the privacy and security of information that traverses the Internet. While some unfounded fears about cloud security exist, the perception of the cloud is starting to change, at least somewhat, among small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

In its recent "Cloud Trust Study," comScore, a digital analytics company, indicated that 91 percent of SMBs said the security of their organization had been positively impacted as a result of adopting cloud services. For the companies who don’t use the cloud, 60 percent of those said security concerns are still an inhibitor to adopting cloud solutions.

Given this disparity of opinions — as a cloud service provider, reseller of cloud applications, or managed service provider (MSP) offering cloud-based solutions — what can you do to allay security concerns of IT and business managers when trying to convince them to move to the cloud? Here are five key facts to underscore when talking to your customers about cloud security:

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