Guest Column | May 7, 2015

How To Choose A Business-Grade File-Sharing Solution

Neal Bradbury

By Neal Bradbury, Senior Director of Channel Development, Intronis MSP Solutions by Barracuda

Neal Bradbury

Let’s face it, when it comes to file-sharing, there is a seemingly endless array of options, which can make it difficult for businesses to choose a solution that will meet all of their needs — especially when it comes to security and scale.

In some cases, for example, businesses look for a quick and easy fix that’s cheap, or at least cheaper. In this scenario, most businesses will opt for consumer-grade or “freemium” services only to discover they are seriously lacking when it comes to security, manageability, and even usability. The fact is most businesses require a business-grade solution. But before you make the purchase or recommend a solution to a client, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Integration. All business software should integrate with the platforms that the business already relies on, and file-sharing is no exception. For example, the file-sharing solution should work in all the desktop and mobile OS environments used by the business’ workers. Additionally, it should support all cloud platforms used by the business and easily integrate with leading productivity tools such as Google Drive, and Office 365. Last, but not least, if the managed services provider (MSP) or solutions provider uses a remote monitoring and management (RMM) or professional services automation (PSA) tool to scale operations, the file-sharing solution should integrate with these as well.

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