News Feature | August 21, 2014

How To Build A Strong Healthcare IT Network

By Megan Williams, contributing writer

Strong Healthcare IT Network

Your healthcare clients need to share information securely and reliably among their locations, with other offices, laboratories, and testing facilities, and with their patients

Illinois Rural Health Network (IRHN), a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, will be upgrading its fiber-optic network to improve the flow of vital information between rural hospitals and clinics in Illinois and boosting the functionality of its network operations center. The system, which will service more than 50 rural healthcare entities, will be supported by INOC, a 24x7 network operations center and global provider of NOC monitoring, reporting, and support services, according to MarketWired.

Roger L. Holloway, CEO and President of the Illinois Rural HealthNet, puts a lot of value on a strong health IT network. “With connectivity regarded as the nervous system of any hospital or health care facility, the health care sector is seeing rapid evolution and investment in broadband deployment. INOC serves as one of the technical experts, and is the system integrator and operating arm of the IRHN’s dedicated health IT network. Their objectivity and knowledge of the IRHN proved invaluable during our latest network upgrade, and their role has been absolutely essential to the daily operation of our fiber backbone.”

The upgrade is expected to double the bandwidth speed of the system’s 3,100-mile, fiber-optic network with the engineering and configuration support of INOC. It will provide a vital fiber link for a growing community of providers, including rural mental health facilities, hospitals, clinics and practices, ambulatory care sites, acute care facilities, and more. INOC also provides 24x7 NOC support and real-time monitoring: services that are essential for ensuring critical uptime for the systems recently upgraded dark fiber network, wireless network, and other fiber-based services.

Going Deeper

IRHN is an excellent example of the progressive application of telehealth intiatives. To get a deeper look into government regulations that currently impact networks like IRHN, please review our article on the Department Of Health And Human Services and their regulations around telemedicine. Additionally, take a look at other ways telemetry and telemedicine are providing growth opportunities for solutions providers.