Guest Column | July 11, 2012

How To Be The Solution To Your Customer's Print Service Quandary

Marty Reader FieldSolutions

By Marty Reader, EVP, FieldSolutions

We’ve all been there. Your car breaks down and you have two options — take it to the manufacturer’s dealership, which can be inconvenient and expensive, or find a trusted  mechanic that can reliably serve all your needs. Going to the dealership often means paying more for the implied trust of the brand and specialization, whereas a certified mechanic can service any make and model of vehicle and has to compete on price. Now picture yourself as the head of a household with several different manufacturers’ cars. Is your decision to use a skilled, multi-brand mechanic easier than having relationships with a number of dealerships? Would you prefer to go online to see all mechanics in the area, their rates, credentials, reviews from past customers, and to schedule and manage your service work in one place? That’s the multi-line service management model.