Article | September 22, 2020

How The Right Physical Infrastructure, DCIM Solutions And Hybrid IT Strategy Can Help Businesses Emerge From The COVID-19 Era More Future-Proofed Than Ever

Source: Panduit
Corona COVID

If colocation is going to be part of your business’ hybrid strategy—and it should—a strong physical infrastructure and a robust DCIM solution are critical to minimize complexity and maximize performance.

Businesses looking to better align their digital resources with business needs were already undertaking the move to hybrid IT when COVID-19 struck, but the pandemic kicked that shift into high gear.

Hybrid’s ability to help an organization to balance stability and agility is highly attractive—and highly necessary—in uncertain times like these.

But implementing hybrid IT can be challenging, and the current situation only increases that challenge.

Undergoing years’ worth of digital transformation in just a few months multiplies the risk of missteps. In the push to just get it done, it’s important that organizations not overlook getting it right. 

Colocation can be a key element in a strong hybrid strategy and can help smooth the transition to a hybrid or cloud model over the long term. It can provide a path for migrating applications from legacy to more scalable and change-ready platforms and allow businesses to onboard workloads and applications faster by synchronizing with existing on-premises data centers.

Plus, the managed services offered by colocations can free up resources to focus on core business objectives.

With all that in mind, it’s worth taking the time to implement the strongest, easiest to manage colocation strategy possible—one built on a solid physical infrastructure with a robust DCIM solution.

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