Magazine Article | January 18, 2010

Installation Review: How Scalable Is Your Managed Backup Solution?

By Mike Monocello, Business Solutions magazine.

If you're like most VARs and MSPs, you've got customers of all sizes, with budgets and projects of all sizes. Oftentimes, your success hinges on your ability to scale your solutions to fit your customer's requirements. A great example of this can be seen in a recent installation completed by Terremark Worldwide. As a managed and backup services provider (BSP), Terremark Worldwide has its own channel of resellers of its services. In this instance, one of Terremark's VARs was working with an existing customer faced with an email backup challenge. The customer is a small national leadership organization based in Washington, D.C. A directive from the organization's board was forcing the implementation of a solution to retain all email.

Used with permission from Business Solutions magazine.