Magazine Article | October 19, 2010

Feature Article: How Partners Can Make Your POS Business Flourish

By Mike Monocello, Business Solutions magazine.

Listen to Michael Kern, owner and president of Vortex POS, talk about the POS industry, and phrases like "kill or be killed" and "survival of the fittest" will be used. Rest assured, Kern is a nice guy, and, by all accounts, an honest businessman. It's just that he's tired of playing by other people's rules. "If you're a POS VAR, what are you going to do to be successful?" he asks. "You're selling hardware with low margins, competing to get the merchant processing business, and knocking your head against the wall fighting against guys in your area doing the exact same thing. You've got to have something that sets you apart to make you a better place to go. I cannot sit in my own little corner and play nice, especially in a bad economy. I'm sorry to you other guys that only sell POS systems, or CCTV, or merchant processing. My corner needs to expand."