Case Study

How Onestream Software Grows Fearlessly Around The Globe

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HR professionals, your job isn’t simple. You pivot between getting technical, implementing systems and processes, and protecting your employer, to balancing the emotional side – the people.

You not only have to evaluate individual needs; you have to think about the group. You are the communication conduit. The train conductor is nothing without a sturdy, dependable engine. And that engine is you.

Coordinating with operations, communicating with leadership, and collaborating with managers is what you do, but what happens when your organization decides to take it up a level? What happens when it’s time to go global?

Suddenly, you’re thinking about international employment contracts. You’re exploring talent market opportunities across time zones. And you’re hopping on calls both early and late to interface with those in regions around the world, working to get the most up-to-date information to circulate internally.

Helping your organization tackle a new, global challenge - it’s your job, and you love it. But Martha Angle, Vice President of Global Human Resources at OneStream Software, found it was ever easier to effortlessly deliver for her team on a global scale with the right partner behind her. Globalization Partners.

  1. Entering New Territories With Expertise

Ms. Angle came to Globalization Partners with a question: could we provide support for onboarding a new employee in South Africa? OneStream Software was exploring the market opportunity in this region, and they wanted to ensure the business was there before they committed to setting up an entity. Ms. Angle found that the information provided by the Globalization Partners team eased the burden on her internal team, and also helped her and the OneStream Software leadership team make strategic choices. “[The Globalization Partners team] comes in with a great overview for each country so you understand what you’re getting into. From a financial obligation, to all the different social charges, to understanding the logistics of contracts and vacation time – all of this starts in a very clear way. I can make an educated decision in all these different areas.”

  1. Ensuring Painless, Easy Billing

International payroll – it’s a headache if you’re not working with a reliable, transparent Employer of Record provider. Before Globalization Partners, Ms. Angle found it difficult to determine what was paid when. She was frustrated with gaps in expense management. It was challenging to reconcile costs month over month.

After setting up their professional in South Africa with Globalization Partners, Ms. Angle was astounded at the simplicity of billing in the new platform. “We’re not getting multiple stories. We’re not getting conflicting questions. We have a single point of record for everything,” said Ms. Angle. “All of our invoices live in one place. It’s an easier story to tell and definitely easier for our accounting team to manage.”

“Unfortunately, with [competitor], there was too much variance and too much in flux all the time. I think we were definitely in a bit of a guinea pig situation.”

  1. Staying Compliant And Protecting The Business

“We’re a software company, right? We deal with data daily,” said Ms. Angle. “The way that we handle personal data has to be pristine, and that’s only with Globalization Partners.” When Ms. Angle realized an employees’ bank information was requested via email by OneStream Software’s other EOR provider, she was instantly concerned. “It was what finally did us in. You just don’t do that.”

It was at this point that OneStream Software elected to transfer all personnel to Globalization Partners entities, ending their engagement with the competitor. Ms. Angle continued, “We 100 percent have confidence in how [Globalization Partners] is transmitting information. Our employees are being sent a secure portal. That protection is critical to a company like ours.”

  1. Providing An Exceptional, Cohesive Employee Experience

Ms. Angle considers it her role to actively engage the people across the company, no matter where they may reside, and Globalization Partners helps support her efforts. From answering questions from new hires about employment contracts to getting on a call to talk benefits in a new country, Ms. Angle considers Globalization Partners an extension of her team.

“We treat everybody like family here. I want to make sure that every one of our new family members that are taking the leap and trusting us to take care of them, that we have the right resources in place,” said Ms. Angle. A critical part of building trust with new hires is establishing clear communication. Ms. Angle and OneStream Software’s team around the world are in sync, and she attributes this to Globalization Partners’ focus on clarity. “The person I see on my side that is the owner of the account, it’s also the same person that is turning around, talking to the employee. So, the messaging is consistent, the turnaround time is consistent.”

  1. Making An Impact

Above all else, Ms. Angle can deliver actionable insights to internal leadership based on the value she gets from her supporting team at Globalization Partners.

“I don’t have the fear of going into a new country. I have confidence. I can say ‘I won’t know the answers, but I know the experts who will.’…It really does impact our business.”

  1. Choosing The Right Partner

Are you just beginning your journey to find an Employer of Record to enable your organization to grow a global team? Not all EORs are the same, a fact Ms. Angle learned firsthand. You’re looking for a knowledgeable partner with end-to-end control, and their in-house people supporting your global team.

Ms. Angle has advice for evaluating EORs. “If you’re looking to get into new countries, really do your homework. Finding a provider that can speak at your level is one thing. And (choose a provider) that’s going to be able to follow through on what it is that they are promising you. Having that trust in place is a major factor.”

And on her experience working with Globalization Partners? “Anytime you work with any vendor, there’s an expectation on delivery and following through. It’s amazing to me how many people can’t do that. But with Globalization Partners, I’ve gotten that consistently.”