Guest Column | July 8, 2014

How MDM Benefits Your Education Clients

MDM For Education Clients

Dave Saltmarsh, education evangelist at JAMF Software, tells how mobile device management (MDM) can enhance users’ productivity, help protect students’ privacy, and limit shadow IT and access to certain websites and apps.

Q: Can you list, in general, some of the pain points MDM addresses for users?

Saltmarsh: Mobile device management personalizes devices to meet an individual’s needs by making sure they get specific apps, software, and other content they need to be productive. MDM also makes it easy to get Wi-Fi and email access.

Q: When the end user is an educational facility, does the role of MDM change?

Saltmarsh: If the MDM is focused on enabling end users’ to be productive, then it doesn’t change much. If the primary function of MDM use is for “restrictions,” then it does. On the faculty side, there is the need to have some access to MDM for classroom management.

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