Podcast | February 21, 2012

How Managed Services Can Grow Your Business

Source: Ingram Micro and Cisco
Justin Crotty play button headshot

Justin Crotty, VP of Services North America for Ingram Micro, talks with Jameson Publishing and Business Solutions magazine President Jim Roddy in this exclusive Executive-To-Executive interview. In this interview, Crotty emphasizes that resellers need to dedicate resources to managed services as quickly as possible. He also discusses how to migrate to this business model and details margins you can expect.

"Forget the tools; forget the technology. Just make the decision to do it," Crotty says. "And then you've got to dedicate some portion of your organization, whether that's one individual or a couple of individuals, to go get it done. It's the people that part-time it, half-ass it — 'My marketing person is my inside sales guy is my part-time CFO and, oh, he's going to try and start my managed service practice' — you're dead. Forget it. It's not going to happen."