White Paper

How Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence Drive MSP Success

Source: Webroot
Machine Learning IN Retail

Change is the one constant in the IT world, and the way companies purchase and consume technology continues to transform and evolve. As customers continue to disrupt the IT value chain, a successful transition to cloud and hybrid models requires managed service providers (MSPs) to evolve their people, operations, and processes and employ advanced technology to secure their customers’ environments.

As part of this transformation, the responsibility for securing complex infrastructure and systems has shifted from the customer to the vendor and, today, increasingly to channel partners. MSPs are now called upon to provide a full range of technical services to configure, integrate, operate, and secure the range of new hybrid platforms and systems.

These changes are forcing both IT vendors and their partners to evolve their business models, provide a full-solution approach, and develop specialized skills and expertise that leverages advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to put both traditional and cloud-based technologies to work in the real world.