White Paper

How e-Citation Systems Increase Productivity & Revenues While Improving Officer Safety

Source: Intermec, Inc.

Electronic citation (e-Citation) systems represent one of the most successful uses of mobile and wireless technology in public safety operations. Electronic citation systems have earned high user satisfaction ratings from state highway patrol agencies, police departments, parking authorities and campus security organizations across the country because of their well-proven ability to save time for officers, improve safety while issuing tickets, reduce errors and illegible tickets, and improve collection rates.

Electronic citation systems are proven to increase productivity and revenues, to create cost savings and efficiencies and to improve officer safety in the real world. They do this by using computers and printers to take time, effort and errors out of citation issuing and processing. The result is more time spent on public safety, and less on paperwork. These benefits are available to police forces and other traffic and parking authorities regardless of their size or citation volume. In recognition of the manpower and cost-saving advantages that e-Citation systems provide, numerous departments across the country are implementing or investigating them, and grant money is being made available to facilitate the process.