Magazine Article | December 15, 2010

Feature Article: How Accountants Can Grow Your POS Business

By Mike Monocello, Business Solutions magazine.

There's not a VAR around who doesn't appreciate referral business. However, there are plenty of VARs who want more referral business. The challenge is finding it, right? Well, if you're a POS VAR, there's a trend I've been seeing which you're going to want to take note of — partnering with professionals offering financial services (accountants, Intuit Certified ProAdvisors, bookkeepers). Specifically, just as POS VARs are trusted advisors to merchants, in many ways merchants' accountant/bookkeepers are trusted advisors. However, in most cases, accountants aren't looking to leverage their trusted advisor status to muscle in on POS hardware and software sales. Frankly, POS technology is foreign to many of them. So, as a POS VAR, why not partner with financial professionals to win some of this business?